Finding a good blogging theme is not easy. We make the process simple by reviewing blog themes for WordPress.

Your market is very important when attempting to locate the perfect WP Theme. You’re not going to place cats on a page devoted to sports fishing. You really should learn what your market is unless this blog is an individual one then you can set just about whatever interests you. If you aren’t certain of the market, then you need even more research into your project. Then you will be able to locate the perfect Blog themes for WordPress with our website.

There are thousands of options to select blog themes on ThemeForest but you don’t have time to preview and test it. Therefore, team helps you to best choice in terms of design, functionality, SEO, updates and installation.

Reviews Blog Themes WP

Which Blog Theme suits best for you?

WordPress theme you pick should complement the content of the website. For politics or article website the theme should be the one that improve readability of your website. If your blog or website is of photography or a magazine, you should opt for theme that has great aesthetics and unique design. Moreover, the back-end handling of the theme should also be easy so that anyone with minimum code knowledge can use the template.

 Which WordPress Blog Theme Suits Best

How to select the best blog themes for WordPress?

Ever wonder how to pick the best theme for your website among the great available WordPress themes? Well we are here to reduce your worry and give you some tips to select the best theme that gives your blog a great outlook. Some key features that should be present in a theme are:

1) Theme Design & Usability

The design is the most important part of a theme. There are lots of blogs but a few of them has a unique and well-design. Moreover, if you don’t have a good design, at the same time you have not a useful theme.

We are an expert on User Interface and User Experience design so we can easily find the designing mistakes you should know. Before you encounter a usability problem, we inform about that.

A quality WordPress theme helps it be super easy to add great looking graphics. You can upload images or different graphic elements with a great theme. Again this facilitates the development of the fantastic looking them which your readers will enjoy spending time on. So take the additional effort and search for good WordPress subjects which incorporate some of those suggestions. You might find that the first subject you use isn’t quite right. You can usually always try another subject and refine it to make the best utilization of what that theme has to offer.

2) Functionalies of the Blog Theme (Browser and Multilingual Compatibility, Plugin Supports and the others features)

Functionality and Compability of the WordPress Themes

Users prefer the most functional theme to buy because in future you might use such kind of features. You should ensure to theme’s functionality is compatible with your plugins and also wordpress versions. We are testing the theme with most known plugins and other components.
There are not any absolutes, but usually, you may expect some find greater flexibility in how you may arrange, post, and arrange your blog with a paid subject. There are various great looking themes you can obtain totally free. Whichever way you go, attempt to locate a subject which comes with good flexibility. Put simply, it may be invaluable to change the fashion from a 3 column to a two column format. Or be capable of adding different types of advertisements or AdSense listings easily. Lots of the better subjects enable you to change background colors or add custom text or graphic components readily and quickly.

3) Is your blogging theme SEO Optimized?

Search Engine Optimization is also a crucial part of a blogging theme. If you don’t have adequate SEO infrastructure on your theme your blog posts have not been reached by organic traffic. Your website with the theme should have high speed, some rich snippets, and compatibility of some well-known SEO plugins like YOAST SEO . We are reviewing WordPress blog themes in terms of SEO audits.

This further helps you to produce an extremely distinctive and attractive result. This is crucial because even when you may drive traffic to your blog, you’d like them to stick around for some time and read some of your content. If they find your blog and after that do not like how it’s organized and presented, they’ll usually leave the website and never give it much consideration. A quality WordPress subject also allows you to improve search results page by incorporating good Search engine optimization techniques. It might even have sections that are focused on Search engine optimization easily available for you to optimize.

4) Updates & Support & Documentation and Installation

You should get a new update from your theme authors because of the plugin and WordPress’s new versions. When you select a theme, your theme authors should preserve their compatibility.

Support also is so important for a theme. If you have a popular and good support, you might now worry about the future. But yes, when you trouble with a serious problem, you should hire a wordpress expert and its cost to much and hard to find it.

When you preview a blogging theme, you should view the best part of the theme because when you install a theme you didn’t get such kind of a view on your website. Therefore, you should get enough information from theme’s documentation. It should be easy and well documented. When we review a theme, we are creating a video including the installation of the theme so you can learn and decide before you buy a theme.

Is support important for blog themes? (What kind of problem you might face)

Support is the most vital feature which adds rating to the theme. When selecting a theme, users should consider if theme team provides efficient support. Also theme should be accompanied with extensive documentation so that it could be fully utilized by its users.

Swift response from the support team always encourage users to opt for the theme. Also the pre-sales questions, nicely answered will increase the market share of the theme.

Some of the problems users might face are:

  • Theme installation and configuration
  • Enabling the social sharing buttons
  • Activating/Deactivating Plugins
  • Altering the design aesthetics and logo adjustment in the header section


Why should you choose Premium WordPress themes?

Premium themes not only provide theme but access to updates and support to future versions since they are continually improving to make their theme compatible with latest WordPress versions. Premium theme offer three basic categories to pricing models:

  • One-time fee, including lifetime update and support
  • Recurring payments for access to updates and support
  • Theme clubs giving membership to multiple themes form developers

If you don’t have budget to choose premium blog themes, you might read our blog post to explore free blog themes for wordpress.

All the top manages WordPress hostings compared

Wordpress Hosting

For a website or blog to work efficiently, a good host is a must. The top managed WordPress hosting are compared so you have a better idea of where your site could work best. Best managed WordPress hosts are optimized for WordPress sites specifically. A managed hosting offers:

  • Automatic site/WordPress Updates
  • Automatic daily/weekly backups
  • Speed and Optimization via CDN and caching
  • Built-in security mechanism
  • Scalability i.e. during more traffic, the hosting offers scalable optimization.

Wordpress Hosting Comparison Table


Is the WordPress blog themes PSD or Sketch file included?

While selecting the theme user can have a look if the theme comes with PSDs. In this case user can alter the design as he wanted providing the customization facility to basic framework. Some theme mention it on their theme site that they are providing the layered PSDs.

How do we know if theme is SEO optimized or SEO plugin compatible?

The most important quality of a website is attracting maximum traffic to the website and sustaining the follower rate. Monetization and advertisement comes as a result of this. If your website is not search engine optimized, it would show up on 5th or 6th page of search engine results hence it would not get the traffic it intends. The theme panel has SEO tab and offers keyword text fields on every page and post. Also search engine optimized theme has clean code which is prior need of search engines. For a theme to be search engine optimized, it should have following features:

  • Clean code
  • Google Rich Snippets for posts and reviews
  • Google authorship
  • Semantic HTML5 markup and CSS3
  • Responsiveness
  • Markup

In order to check if the theme is SEO plugin compatible, it will install properly hiding the WordPress settings and lets the SEO plugin take over the settings. Theme would not give errors on plugin installation or restricts its installation if it takes over the settings is the measure of plugin compatibility.

Choosing Your Blog Theme According Your Niche

Selecting the blog theme is an interesting activity. However, when too much nice themes pile up, it became another question to select the perfect one. Some of the categories where themes have been divided so that one can look into the right section thereby reducing his time are:

Photo Blog themes

Niche photo blog themes are primarily for photography purpose. If you want your portfolio to be displayed in the best possible manner, your theme should include classic layouts, unique and friendly gallery designs, latest sliders e.g. revolution, layered slider, efficient social sharing options and of course, responsiveness. Majority of photographers use Photocrati but other theme could also be used like TwoFold and Soho.

Minimal blog themes

Minimal blog themes are simple themes explicitly designed to display the portfolio. These themes are good for art work and other such purposes. Such themes focus on one feature which is the domain of the website. Massive Dynamic and Kalium are mostly used theme as minimal blog themes. Other themes that could be used in the domain are Merchandiser, Studio8 etc.

Personal blog themes

The key features that personal blog themes holds are robust and reliable for sensitive usage, efficient and useful blog related short codes, social media integration and plugin compatibility. A large number of bloggers use Grunge and inFashion but other themes could also be used.

Writing blog theme

The blog theme for article writing should have prime focus over content and such theme should come with Variety of typography legible on all types of screens, Article display layout variations, Good design aesthetics and usability, nice social sharing options and efficient comment system. The most liked theme is Forte but other themes like Times and Ink are also being used.

Viral blog theme

The viral blog themes include built-in feature to boost viral traffic, increase search engine rankings. Some themes for this purpose are SocialViral, Bimber and boombox etc.

Magazine blog theme

Magazine blog themes always offer a large variety of content layout with social sharing. Theses themes’ primary focus is article with elegant presentation that displays nicely over all screen-sizes. Some basic features to these themes are layout variety, sidebar display, social sharing options, efficient comment system, and search engine optimization. Some magazine blog themes are newspaper theme (most popular), Soledad but the other themes that may be used are MagOne, Voice and Woohoo etc.

Travel blog theme

Travel blog theme, similar to photography theme, is a nice amalgamation of writing blog theme and photography theme. It should display the photographs with nice and elegant presentation of the stories accompanying the photographs. Some features of such themes include minimal theme with all the standard feature support, responsive design, google Maps API Integration and social sharing options. The themes mostly used for travel blog are Voux, Kallyas and others.

Video blog theme

Video blog themes are mainly for videography. Some key features these kind of themes support are minimalistic design, major video websites (YouTube, Vimeo) support, social Sharing option, watch later and cinema mode. One most known theme for videography is Vlog whereas some other themes include Swell, Port and Gigawatt etc.

When it comes to create a blog or website, there is a long list of things however by the time you finished reading this, you would have enough knowledge to create a website by choosing an efficient theme as per your demands and gladly deploying it with pleasurable results.

Where to find WordPress blog theme reviews?

If you are looking for WordPress theme reviews, you are already on a right place. We have detailed and comprehensive theme reviews on our site. All you need to do is to look for your theme in the library and read review for it. You’ll definitely get a good idea of the theme and it’s features.