About Us

BlogThemes-wp.com was founded in mid-2016 by Alaattin Emre Elbeyoglu to review site themes for wordpress. It started as selecting best wordpress theme experiment, but soon it turned into more than that.  Now although this job is completely run by one BlogThemes-WP is seeking for somebody who can to make this site even more useful for the WordPress community. Please contact us if you have an interest in conducting business with us. If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or need any more info, please feel free to contact us at info at blogthemes-wp.com.

We reviews and support wordpress themes to be better and user-friendly. People doesn’t know which theme suits best because themes have some difficulties on it and people doesn’t understand generally before buying.

The popups we use on the blogthemes-wp.com are provided by popupsmart.

Why We Review WordPress Themes

The quickest and most straightforward method to make your web site operational in only a few minutes is to install WordPress that is a free web blogging platform. WordPress allows you to receive a free pre built web site that can show you some of the focused facets like contents, gains, sales of your web site etc. WordPress is a strong and flexible platform that will assist you to build your new web sites with the CMS. There are lots of advantages in using the WordPress bogging platform like fast installation, self updating, open source platform, and plenty of plug ins on the repository, more choices for web site themes etc.


You can contact us by sending an e-mail to [email protected] and also sending direct messages on our official social media accounts: twitter, google+ and facebook.