Coney – beautiful blog theme to stylize your blog in the trendiest way is a new year gift from Select Themes. Designed specifically with the aim to target blogs and online publications, Coney holds the ability to present your expressive writing in a seamless, elegant manner with tons of predesigned layouts and customizing features.

Coney gives you more than 20 layout variations and 10+ header designs along with WooCommerce compatibility and responsive design. Providing its users a handsome collection of fonts, optimization ability, and good color palette, Coney fulfills all the trending requirements of modern blogging.

Insights of Coney in terms of design and usability, functionality, SEO, Update, and Support will further explore its pros and cons.


Design and Usability: (9/10) 

Coney has been warmly embraced by the users because of its seamless and exuberant design and flexible usability. Some features that signify it are below:

Header Variations:

More than 10 header variations give user to stay unique and make every other website wearing the same persona look different. It has header style with the menu centered, menu over the larger slider image, transparent header, grid header and dual header. Flexible header type lets you create distinct menu and header styles.

Blog Layouts:

Coney has 20+ distinct blog layouts that let you be creative and express your content in your own splendid way. These predesigned layouts have efficient usability and easy adaptability as per your requirements.

Color Variations:

Coney has a wide color palette which provides you a variety of color option to highlight your work and expresses it the way you wish.


Functionality: (8/10) 

The functionality based insights of Coney are given below:

Blog Specific Short Codes:

The blog-specific shortcodes let you customize the content without the hassle of coding. One can embed images slider, video list, and other intriguing stuff to your blog.

WooCommerce Compatible:

The theme is fully compatible with free eCommerce plugin i.e WooCommerce. Now you can create an online shop using Coney. Let’s do business with creativity and elegance.

Translation Ready  WPML Compatible:

The theme is translation ready and WPML compatible hence making it usable beyond borders. Neither theme team nor any user has inquired about the RTL compatibility of Coney. Since it’s a new theme, it has small market however as it matures with time, it is anticipated that Select team will make it RTL friendly as well.


There are no advertisement features for Coney. It is necessary for modern blogging and websites. For this purpose, one needs external Advertisement plugin or can consider some other themes competitive to Coney.


Search Engine Optimization, Performance & Code: (6/10) 

The SEO and other internal aspects of Coney are:

SEO & Website Ranking:

Coney is SEO optimized and hence required less work compared to other themes. Optimization is the vital need for modern web and blogging field. However, the current theme has low SEO rating for google page speed insights due to lack of image optimization, browser caching and missing minified files of javascript, CSS, and HTML.

Coney in Structured Data Testing Tool:

Its code is well written fulfilling the requirements of Analysis of Coney with data structure tool gives the following results:


Minified Files:

CSS and JavaScript files needed to be minified. This can be done via any plugin like W3Total Cache or via online file minification URLs.

Browser Caching:

Browser caching is not enabled. It will cause more time for the website to load at every request. In order to increase the website speed, it should be allowed to cache on the server. This can be done manually via updating the .htaccess file or enabling the cache plugin.


Updates, Support, and Documentation: (8/10) 

Coney was created on January 17th,2017. It is not updated after that. Moreover, since it is new in the market, it needs some time to grab the users and take a considerable position. Select Team will give some updates once the theme received some user reviews.

The Select team provides 6 months after sale support. They are working great and respond back within minimum time.

There is not much information provided regarding the documentation of theme. The Select team needs to work on this section in order to make it up to the mark so that Coney can resist its competitors in blogging theme market.

Coney Theme:


  • Different styles of homepage, search result pages
  • Responsive layout
  • Blog-specific shortcodes.
  • WooComerce and WPML Compatible
  • Easily configuration and deployment.
  • Good support provided by the development team.


  • Browser caching is not enabled in the theme by the developers.
  • Poor SEO but have built-in features for blog’s SEO


Coney is a nice theme for modern blogging. Its various homepage layouts show that it can be used in versatile ways. There are certain things that need some attention like SEO speed of the theme, RTL support, widget placement and Advertisement space. Though it is a nice effort for the blogging website for users who are amateurs. For websites like shopping etc one need to consider some other better theme in the market.

Coney Theme

Coney Theme

Design & Usability






        Updates & Support



          • Different styles of homepage, search result pages
          • Responsive layout
          • Blog-specific shortcodes.
          • WooComerce and WPML Compatible
          • Easily configuration and deployment.


          • Browser caching is not enabled in the theme by the developers.
          • Poor SEO but have built-in features for blog's SEO

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