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Divi is a multi purpose theme designed for users with minimum WordPress knowledge. It allows you to create a design on the fly. Divi, developed by Divi Builder, is fast, user-friendly front-end editor which helps you in creating the design on run time basis. Divi serves as a new world in website building. Real time design, easy customization, variety of content elements, versatile tool kit, customized layouts and much more.

Divi Live Preview & Official Website

Once becoming the part of Divi, it offers community services which help you in achieving your goal. Team Divi is working and improving the theme for 8 years. Hence its evolution is stable and the team is supportive. Multilingual support, efficient security, intuitive theme panel, analytics generator, split testing facility, RTL support, responsive editing and drag and drop and many other heavy features which make Divi a must try. Detail insights of Divi in terms of design and usability, functionality, SEO, Update and Support will guide customers to make a sound buying decision. 


Design and Usability: (9.5/10) 

Divi has professional design with responsiveness, multipurpose design and exotic look and feel. Some of the insights about theme are: 

Inline Editing: 

You can do inline editing of the text, link or any other media file via highlighting and applying style to it e.g. bold, link, font color, size etc. 

Customizable UI: 

Divi builder offers complete customizable interface. Since there is no limit to imagination hence is no limit to Divi’s customizable features. 

Global Elements: 

With countless global elements, Divi provides feature for every occasion. Just name it and have it. It has post slider, pricing table, shop, sidebar, slider, testimonial, video slider and much more. 


Header & Footers: 

Divi offers a variety of headers providing you countless options for your website. Choose the one you like among logo being left aligned or menu being above or on the slider. Adjust its UI as per the requirement of your website and enjoy the unique look which you dreamt of. 

Page Layouts: 

Verity of predefined page layouts help to get started with homepage, portfolio, eCommerce layout and many others. Divi team has released layouts packs along with the portfolios and business focused websites. It also allows you to export and import pre-defined layouts providing its users a handy chance to avail the best out of Divi. 


Functionality: (9.5/10) 

When it comes to functionality, an in-depth review of Divi is below: 

Click & Type: 

Unlike conventional themes, it offers a unique, hassle free way to add text. It allows you to click and start typing the content you want. In this way you can see the content look and feel and can correct at the very instant. 

Click and Type

Advance Drag & Drop Builder: 

Divi comes with advance drag and drop interface helping any user, whether new or pro to website development. The interface is broken into sections, rows, columns and widgets, allowing you to edit the page structures. Editing controls are pulled from main content so the user must have a clear picture of how the content will look. 

Visual Builder

Real Time changes:  

Divi is designed in such a way that it reflects the changes run time. All the alterations are updated at the very moment helping you to design more confidently as per your desire. 

Split Testing: 

Split testing is way of gathering the results via precise experimentation of presetting information. The goal is to improve website metrics like clicks, form completions or purchases. 

Users work can be transformed into split test in Divi which track relevant user engagement statics on the basis of predefined goal. These statics will help you in making an effective combination of content, design and positioning of data. Divi Leads give a complete detail of this feature.



RTL Support: 

The RTL feature of Divi not only works for front end but also gives a nice backend RTL shift to Divi Builder interface. It becomes functional as soon as user enable RTL Language in WordPress Dashboard. 


Divi supports 32 languages assisting 350,000 satisfied customers from around the world. Divi translates everything from front end to Divi builder to fields and descriptions. 


Divi has 30+ different modules segregated as structural elements, media elements, information elements and community elements. These versatile elements serve as plug n play and helps you to do the design efficiently. 

Woo commerce Ready 

Divi is woo commerce ready. It has all the ecommerce features that make is perfect for any shopping cart website. Just activate the woo commerce with Divi and explore the world. 

Search Engine Optimization, Performance & Code: (8.5/10) 

Let’s have a look on Divi through the lens of SEO, performance and code. The cross-sectional detail is below: 

SEO & Website Ranking:  

SEO and Website ranking are the areas where Divi still needs to work. Theme demo is missing robots.txt file as per varvy results. Also, the google page insights scored 77 out of 100. Its suggested improvements are image optimization, browser caching, render blocking javascript and minifying CSS and Javascript. 

SEO Tips for Divi:  

In order to improve the SEO for your website while using Divi at the same time, use some plugin – Yoast is the most recommended. 

Divi via Structured Data Testing Tool: 

When Divi has been evaluated via structured data testing tools, the following results have been generated:  


Render-blocking JavaScript and CSS 

JS and CSS script blocks the rendering of the webpage. Hence for better optimization of website, render blocking should be fixed 

Browser Caching and Compression 

Browser caching and compression has not been enabled. It needs to be updated via .htaccess file or via any plugin. It will optimize the SEO results.  

CSS and JavaScript are not minified:  

Minified CSS and JS files are very important for robust page load. In order to enhance page speed, css and javascript should be minified. In this way, these files will reduce in size and loads faster helping you to view the web page swiftly. 


Updates, Support and Documentation: (9.5/10) 

Divi is in theme market for 8 years. It has gone through constant changes along with the evolution of website, elements, tags and user demands. It’s version 3.0.0 reflects the continuous efforts of its developers and support team.  

Team Divi provides efficient support 24/7 either via email or chat feature available at their site. They also provide customization services to their customers in case they feel any difficulty or there might be any version compatibility issue. It’s the continuous effort of its developer and support team that Divi has 350,000 satisfied customers around the globe. 

Divi has been hosted on the website with detailed GIFs and YouTube videos that can help its users learn how to use it. Though, the friendly UI and high customization ease is enough for support. 

Divi – an overview: 


  • Multi-purpose theme with versatile features 
  • Easy customization, Drag and drop feature 
  • Design alterations on the fly 
  • Divi Interface builder 
  • Global elements and modules 
  • Good support provided by the development team. 


  • Basic build-in SEO. 


Divi turned out to be a mature theme which has evolved over the course of time. It offers everything that is necessary for it to remain in market along with fulfilling the modern website development trends. There is only one step one can say Divi lag behind I.e. SEO but for that it is compatible with Yoast SEO and All in one SEO pack. These plugins can be used for this purpose. 

Divi Theme

Divi Theme

Design & Usability






        Updates & Support



          • Multi-purpose theme with versatile features 
          • Easy customization, Drag and drop feature 
          • Design alterations on the fly 
          • Divi Interface builder , Global elements and modules 
          • Good support provided by the development team. 


          • Basic build-in SEO. 

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