Genesis is a premium framework which provides a foundation for your website. Regardless of the fact that you are a neophyte or developer, it empowers you to build a website easily giving desired results. Being among the themes which are most widely used, Genesis gives secure and search engine optimized basis that helps the website to be efficient besides being elegant. Genesis framework has theme options that let the site be customized in minimal blog time, a variety of custom page templates (default, archive and blog page), real time theme customizer for tweaking design and functionality, featured content widget and a customizable header.

Genesis Framework Design Mobile and Web

The blog theme is mobile responsive and works efficiently on all screen sizes and devices. It holds clean and optimized code with smart design architecture that serves as the powerful basis of the website. The detail insights of theme define its merits and demerits. Detail analysis regarding design and usability, functionality, SEO, Update, and Support will help customers in their purchases.

Design and Usability: (9.5/10)

Genesis Framework Design

Design and usability are two crucial factors which are equally important and genre of the website never matters when it comes to the design and usability of a site. Well designed and easy to use sites always encourage users to come again while difficult to use websites never make a good revenue. Therefore, these both factors should be considered before one choose a blog theme for their site. Genesis offers a sleek and professional design with responsiveness encoded with HTML5. Some of the insights about framework are:

HTML5 Design

HTML5 coding makes the website compatible with modern web changes. Also, it ensures cross-browser compatibility and mobile friendliness. It makes your site versatile if you want to deliver audio, video or even can turn it into an app.

Versatile Designs via Child Themes

The Theme holds the ability to revitalize sites design via child theme keeping SEO benefits and core Genesis functionality intact. In this way, it provides an opportunity for every site to have a unique persona.

Since Genesis is a framework theme, so it has a minimal, responsive and compatible design. There are no design issues as it focuses on core functionality that does not anchor child theme in improving the aesthetics of the website. Genesis enjoys happy customers for years providing good design and usability.


Functionality: (9.5/10)

Features and Functions

WordPress is getting famous around the globe only because it allows you to do plugin play, build and run great sites easily. Although the platform is providing a lot of choices, theme selection is still very important in this regard. Good themes with a lot of functionality options make your life easy while themes with less support may lead you to certain troubles. When it comes to functionality, an in-depth review of Genesis is given below:

Genesis Hook

Genesis hooks work on all the themes. The clear naming of hooks like genesis_before_header, genesis_site_title makes custom coding easy for the developer without affecting the functionalities. The visual hook guide makes Genesis highly flexible for custom theme development.

Flexible Customization

Genesis has features which provide simple and swift customization. Even if the functionality needed to be altered afterward, it is possible with no loss of data and performance compromise.

Extensive Features

Genesis is HTML5 Responsive framework that provides extensive features like audio, video and even could be converted into an app. Features could be expanded to as much as one wants according to site’s demand via child themes.

Search Engine Optimization, Performance & Code: (9/10)

SEO and speed are very important factors regarding the success of a website. If because of bad SEO, users are unable to reach your site or they are leaving it because it never opens in time, there is no point of having a website. SEO and speed regarding WordPress would obviously depend on the SEO and speed of the theme. These factors must be considered by the users before making a theme purchase. Let’s have a look at Genesis framework through the lens of SEO, performance and code. The cross-sectional detail is below:

Google PageSpeed Insights for Genesis Framework

Pingdom Speed Test for Genesis Framework

SEO & Website Ranking

Clean and optimized code and smart architecture are vital elements for high rankings. Genesis supports code. It outputs micro data in the site code making the website search engine efficient. It is similar to Google Authorship identification simplified via Genesis. Genesis add area under each post, page even taxonomies for SEO. The section includes the page title, description, keywords, robots Meta and archive settings. It provides settings for good, no dir, and other specific meta tags.

Another feature that adds quality to Genesis is that if any other SEO plugin is installed, it will remove its own SEO functionality hence avoiding the overlap with the selected plugin.

Archive Settings

Genesis offers an option to canonicalize paginated archive back to the first page. It will further create issues with an archived index instead of facilitating it.

When some other SEO plugin is enabled and Genesis hides its features, there is some option at taxonomy pages that goes too i.e. Display Category title at the top of archive page? And Display Category Description at the top of archive page?  It would be fixed in future releases.

SEO Tips for Genesis

In the general settings page, select the options i.e. Display post excerpts. It will not let duplicate data be part of SEO. Also, make select post navigation technique as Numeric. It will enable the search engine to dig deeper into the archives.

Code Quality

he code of Genesis is clean and nicely written therefore enabling the developer to make custom changes in an efficient manner. There is proper guidance by the StudioPress team providing code snippets for different customization.

Genesis via Structured Data Testing Tool

When Genesis has been evaluated via structured data testing tools, the clean code brought following results:

Browser Caching and Compression

The browser caching is not leveraged that also add time in loading the theme. The Gzip compression is also not enabled which need to be fixed. It could be done by updating .htaccess file.

CSS and JavaScript are not minified

CSS and JavaScript are not minified due to which the Google Page Speed rate the website 90 out of 100. The development team needs to minify the files in order to get even more robust results.

Clean and Optimized Code

Being well-coded, Genesis make any alterations to the code easy. Clean and optimized code always result in fast loading adding a perk to your website.

Updates, Support, and Documentation: (9.5/10)

Genesis comes with instant updates making it easy even for the novice to update to latest changes. The development team has also focused that the updates may not affect the functionality and design and hence tested them regressively before making public access.

StudioPress claims to have trustworthy developers and also provide freelance developers to their valued customer for theme creation and customization. The team provides efficient support for life-time as they give the developer license to their customers. They not only help and but also give lifetime access to support community.

The efficient video tutorials and code snippets also help the users to achieve their dream site in a perfect manner. The team also aims to provide further customizable features in future.

Genesis Framework in a Nutshell


  • Basic framework, a simple and professionally designed framework with extensive features to child themes.
  • A variety of layout options are available and sidebar content configuration styles.
  • Efficient SEO and clean code which increase the performance
  • Easily configuration and deployment.
  • Good support provided by the development team.


  • Limited functionality options which could be extended via child themes.


Overall, Genesis Framework is simple and professional with limited features, clean code, search engine optimization and lightweight website. If users have average knowledge of WordPress and want an ideal design for their website, the framework is a must recommend. However, for a newbie support and StudioPress tutorials would help in bringing their desired results.

Genesis Framework by StudioPress

Genesis Framework by StudioPress

Design & Usability






        Updates & Support



          • Genesis Framework
          • Speed & SEO
          • Support


          • Limited functionality options


          1. Dennis E. Garcia

            Design & Usability






            Updates & Support


            This was a very useful review, thanks – I would fit in between Beginner and a Power user – I am happy modifying CSS and even a little PHP. But I’m wondering about more customization options. Like I am concerned about the fact that how I’ll be able to build customized version of my site if I am not very good and comfortable with using child themes. Do we have any version of this framework coming up using which we’ll be able to build customized sites without using child themes?
            Other than that, i believe the framework is perfect in term of SEO, speed, and design. A very nice effort indeed.

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