Ink is a blogging theme with a prime focus on blog stories. The theme is majorly for telling stories via blogs with WordPress built-in live customizer. It shows the simplicity of the Ink and lets you preview the changes as soon as you make them. Different typography options provide a varied outlook to the blog content making it more legible. With navigation, post settings, footer and error page configuration Ink proves to be a customizable blogging them to the maximum level. Ink also provide restricted content i.e. if the content to be displayed is paid, it could be limited to the readers and could also be controlled by blog admin. It has a short code for restricting content which is really easy and simple. Ink has four different Homepage Layout and background cover settings has the responsiveness and is SEO optimized.

ink blog theme themeforest

Although Ink is a theme well-crafted for blogging purpose however it has some issues which give it a major room for improvement. The critical analysis of Ink theme with respect to Design and Usability, functionality, SEO, Updates, and Support will give users a clear idea of what they are purchasing.

Design & Usability: (6/10)

The Design of any WordPress theme is very important as a well-designed website may grow your business exponentially. Customers love great design and chances of them coming to your site increase as they love to navigate around. Similarly, usability is also a very important factor, because if your site is not easily usable, the visitor won’t hesitate to close it down without thinking. Therefore, a special attention to the design and usability of the theme should be given before making a purchase. When it comes to design and usability, Ink theme has a neat persona with grid style to all the blog articles. Some of the insights about template are:

Grid Layouts Ink Theme

No Sidebar

The theme lacks the sidebar hence restricting its user to utilize the page efficiently. Moreover, sidebar is the prior feature when it comes to blogging sidebar is a vital thing to keep a story in the feed.

Full-Width Option

Absence of full-width option also act as anchor to the theme limiting the display.

Design Bugs

The bugs hide the sidebar settings from page editor. It annoys the users and affects the design and purchases.

No load More Option with Widget

There is no widget option with homepage and blog page template. It only comes where widget is not present i.e. on homepage and blog page.

Customization Required Code Update

The theme customization demands code update i.e. editing via child theme or altering the php files. It is not handy with the users that lack the know-how of development.

Functionality: (7/10)

WordPress environment is famous for plugin play and doing things easily without any headache. Same is the case with WordPress themes as these make one’s life pretty easy if the theme is providing enough number of bug free features to deal with large data and making the site successful. However, if the theme is not providing enough number of support features, you may run into the problems as your site will grow. Therefore, you should always check scalability option available in the theme. You should also consider social media sharing support that if theme is providing it or not. When it comes to functionality, Times critical analysis of Ink theme is below:

Restricted Content functions ink theme

Social Sharing Options

As the template focuses on blogging, it gives nice buttons for Facebook and Twitter sharing. The social media sharing platform options are limited i.e. it lacks share on Pinterest, Digg etc.

Good Mobile Design with Large Tap Targets

The INK theme has a good mobile design and there is no tap targets issue which is usually there in modern WordPress themes.

Limited Number of Features

The INK theme lacks various features like e-commerce plugin, layout limitation, and parallax revolution slider compatibility. The font size alteration is not possible. The feature limitation restricts it with respect to market as well as makes unhappy users. The team is support does not show that it is making effort for further improvement. The image quality is badly affected after upload.

Insight Analysis: Speed, Code and SEO: (8/10)

Google PageSpeed Insights Test Results for INK Theme

SEO and speed are very important factors in terms of success of a website. If users are unable to reach your site because of bad SEO or they are leaving it because it never opens in time, there is no point of having a website. SEO and speed in terms of wordpress would obviously depend on the SEO and speed of the theme. These factors must be considered by the users before making a theme purchase. Also, you should try your best to make these factors even better by using relevant plugins. Let’s have a look on INK theme in terms of SEO, speed and code infrastructure. Here is the analysis of the Ink theme with respect to SEO, speed and code infrastructure. The theme is lagging behind in this regard:

SEO Plugins Support

Ink theme does not support Search Engine Optimized and lacks rich code snippets however it supports SEO plugins. Therefore, in order to make the SEO work, you need to install SEO plugin. Ink is completely compatible with the plugins and works well with them. Yoast SEO plugin is recommended for this purpose. Moreover, theme resources are not blocked by robots.txt hence providing Google bot access providing great assistance to indexing and SEO. The theme owns rich snippets as witnessed by Google rich snippet tool as show in the figure:

Google Rich Snippets Test Results

Render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in the Above-fold Content

There is render-blocking JS and CSS in the above fold content which developers should fix in the very next release.

CSS is not Minimized and JavaScript is not Minified

CSS and JavaScript are not minified. It needed to be fixed so it will make the theme lighter.

The theme has major drawbacks when it comes to design but with respect to speed and CSS and JavaScript minify factor, Ink theme is at good rating.

Documentation, Support & Update: (9/10)

The theme support team is good. They generate ticket for every issue thus creating a proper topic for every problem. Good theme always comes in well-documented form and efficient support system. It is a valid proof that theam is eager to improve and give its best. Ink has good documentation that is good to explain.

Moreover, the simplicity of the theme makes it easily controllable for almost everyone. Team gives prompt response but need to work on further development in order to satisfy the users demands.

General Pros and Cons of the INK Theme


  • Well-crafted, simple and professionally designed with primary focus to blogging and writing stories.
  • Different Homepage layout options.
  • Light theme and fast server response.
  • Good support provided by the development team.
  • Great mobile experience and usability.


  • Features are limited i.e. customization via code, layout limitation and absence of load more and widgets on homeage.
  • Support only Facebook and Twitter sharing.

INK Theme has prior focus on blogging but has very limited features. Users need to compromise over many things if they will buy this theme. The loopholes of the theme can also be covered by efficient plugins according to the blog’s requirement. On the other hand, you may consider other themes providing good support if fast response is not the priority and design aesthetics holds much weight to your blog.



Ink — A WordPress Blogging theme to tell Stories

Ink — A WordPress Blogging theme to tell Stories

Design & Usability






        Updates & Support



          • Simple and Professionally Designed
          • Rich Homepage Layouts
          • Great Mobile Usability
          • Nice Support


          • Functionalities
          • Lack of Social Sharings


          1. Dennis E. Garcia

            Design & Usability






            Updates & Support


            Ink is a good effort towards making a theme which can be used for blogging and story telling. However, technical analysis of theme reveals that it still needs a lot of improvement. For instance, if there are no good social sharing options then how you’ll be able to share your stories and all. The team should fix these issues as soon as possible.

          2. Sarah R. Berry

            Design & Usability






            Updates & Support


            I had a chance to use Ink theme for one of my client’s website and I liked the design quality but I also felt there is room for improvement in terms of functionality. It would be wonderful if the team can look into the following things which can increase the user experience:
            1. It would be great if social sharing had more social media options.
            2. Some easy way for customization needs to be introduced like a page builder.
            Best of luck guys!

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