Tana Magazine theme revitalized the modern news, entertainment and blog world by providing a unique design. With three different layouts particularly designed for the blog, entertainment and news, Tana offers more than fourteen complete demos. It is fully responsive and has HTML5 & CSS3 design that fits all screens. Tana is flexible to use and highly customizable.
Newspaper design has strong base inspiration from leading new websites. For the blog, it has plucked the best blog from the web world offering masonry with filter and grid swiper. To have best entertainment display, it has box office chart, music player, video slider and much more. Tana offers five varied layouts of footer therefore, providing full space to represent your information.
Tana is fully compact magazine theme for all purpose. Some of the key features included parallax slider, compact, Mega Menu, and others. The details analysis of Tana with respect to design and usability, functionality, SEO, Update and Support gives a clear picture to the customers about the theme.

tana main layout

Design and Usability: (9.5/10)

Tana theme has made design its competitive advantage providing three unique layouts for news, blog and entertainment.It has five different header styles, a mega menu, three different styles of sidebars and unique design elements.Continuous efforts brought success as the theme was able to grab happy customers giving five star reviews. Critical evaluation interns of design and usability is:

Visual Composer:

Tana has enhanced visual composer making is easily usable by any person with minimal coding knowledge.

Custom Ads:

Provision of space on all the corners i.e. top, bottom, page, and post makes it highly monetize-table for every type of customer. Be it a blog that needs a post, a website or a news forum, custom ads could be placed anywhere.

Custom Brand Color:

It provides custom brand color for the website so that the basic theme color of the site could be managed efficiently.

Responsive Master Slider:

The responsive master slider makes efficient design t every device and makes customers inspire with awe.

Custom Widgets:

Tana has seven different varieties of custom widgets for easy handling facilitating users in every possible way.

Unique Design Elements:

Theme has 24 unique design elements from classic to trendy. Some of them are masonry, grid, carousal, cart, slider and much more. These will make the websites incredibly different from each other even though they have the same theme.

Functionality: (8.5/10)

When it comes to functionality, Tana has following insights:

Child Theme:

Tana offers child theme compatibility. As the team is in a constant effort of improving and promise for the monthly new concept, it would be really difficult for the user to keep their changes. The best idea is to go for a child theme. It is highly compatible with it. To make a child them, you can have a look at our previous post. What is WordPress Child Theme?


Theme supports translation and is compatible with WPML multilingual plug-in.It has no information about RTL support. If it lacks this compatibility, it would be a language barrier to the translation i.e. in terms of design it would be efficient on LTR language directions.
One Page Option:Tana offers a one-page option with sleek and nice motion on the page. The blog layout with one-page option makes it quite catchy and will enforce readers to visit again and again.
Layout Variation:The different layout variations make it highly usable for all types of websites and blogs. The great embedding feature makes it efficient for fashion and movie sites, the super cool music player and artist slider make it perfect for music website.

Parallax & Quick Scroll:

Parallax and quick scroll let users to have automatic height calculation and sticky section. It makes the content to stay where you want it.

Social Links & Social Share Options

Theme offers all types of platforms. Also, it displays the number of views to the article.

tana features

Search Engine Optimization, Performance & Code: (8.5/10)

Beside efficient design, usability and functionality, one core factor that grads them to be good, bad or ordinary isits SEO feature. It has dependency on the theme. Therefore, every theme is evaluated on the basis of SEO, performance, and code in order to rate a theme. The cross-section of theme in these terms is given below:

SEO & Website Ranking:

Tana’s feature include SEO and it offers agood option to be used by pages or post. It is guided in the documentation properly.

Tana Theme in Structured Data Testing Tool:

Evaluating Tana theme through structured data testing tool gave following results:

The theme does not have schema.org and the hence could not be tracked by the search engines efficiently. The inefficient rich code snippet also anchors the website form coming in the top list when it comes to search results.

Render-blocking JavaScript and CSS Mobile Version:

There are render-blocking JS and CSS in the above fold content in the mobile version of the website. Themeton strives for the best and aspires to fix it in the immediate release.

User Experience on the small screen:

Tana has small tap targets when it comes to mobile display and the horizontal scroll shows that that content is exceeding the viewport size. It affects the usability.
Browser Caching and Compression: Tana has browser-cache enabled and hence it improves the speed of website wearing this persona.

Minified CSS and JavaScript:

CSS and JavaScript are minified and adds to page load speed. However, themajority of images are not optimized, and this caused page speed decreased tremendously. It could be fixed by uploading optimized images.

TanaI insights

Updates, Support and Documentation: (9.5/10)

Tana’s first version has been released in September. As promised they have updated their version in October there by fulfilling the monthly update statement. Since its in its premature stage with clean and well-written code, it offers updates according to customer reviews and requirements.
The support department of Themeton is really active and give swift response. It not only satisfies the customers but also solve their queries with really description of the solution. They not only claim but prove to give24-hourturn around support.
Themeton team has made great effort in bringing up the theme. They have paid special attention to the documentation. Tana owns extensive and online documentation and assists its customers from the very scratch. The documentation has pictorail representation of all the features the theme owns and it’s team is up for customer support whenever required.

Overall Pros and Cons of Tana Theme


  • Responsive layout with three unique style
  • A variety of layout options and nice website aesthetics.
  • Custom Ads placement to top, bottom, post or page
  • Easy installation and one-click demo import
  • Unique design elements
  • SEO friendly theme with the provision of easy SEO configurations with clean and well-written code.
  • 24-hour support and extensive documentation


  • Content is not sized according to viewport for small screens resulting in the horizontal scroll.
  • No built-in theme option controller. Instead, it has used WordPress’s theme customizer.


Tana is a full-package for news, entertainment and blog websites. It provides ll the customization facility that customers demand. Moreover, as the theme kept design its core-competency, it produced nice and outstanding designs which are best suited for the website of every kind.

Magazine Tana - Newspaper Music Movie & Fashion, 5 in 1 Magazine Theme

Magazine Tana - Newspaper Music Movie & Fashion, 5 in 1 Magazine Theme

Design & Usability






        Updates & Support



          • Responsive layout
          • Custom Ads placement
          • Easy installation and one-click demo import
          • Unique design elements
          • 24-hour support and extensive documentation


          • Content is not sized according to viewport
          • No built-in theme option controller.


          1. Dennis E. Garcia

            Design & Usability






            Updates & Support


            Tana is an excellent theme with good design and clean code. It gives you freedom to add advertisement on your website exactly where you want it to be. In addition to that, it is an SEO friendly theme with good support from the team. The only thing that should be improved is responsiveness and theme view on small devices. I hope the team will work on this aspect and will improve it in the next releases.
            The above review is very helpful in understanding this theme. Thank you blogthemes for all the efforts.

          2. Sarah R. Berry

            Design & Usability






            Updates & Support


            Recently I purchased Magazine Tana and it was a good decision as Magazine Tana is a brilliant theme with unlimited customization options. The flexibility of the design helped me in customizing the theme according to my brand easily. The custom ad spaces were also a nice touch. The only issues that I think need to be improved are:
            1. Slow page speed on mobile screens.
            2. Absence of a post builder.
            Hope these issues will be addressed in the next updates. Overall, it is a complete package theme with versatile demos as well. Keep it up guys!

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