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Rushmore is a modern and elegant theme for bloggers with 6 pre-defined home pages for food, tech, fashion, lifestyle, fitness and general content. It supports all kinds of posts format like video, gallery, audio, chat, aside and standard. Thus providing a great flexibility and allowing bloggers to generate great content. The theme also provides many options for global configuration, as well as override options in each posts and pages. This allows the blogger to customize the site according to the needs. In addition to that, special social media sharing options are also available in the theme and users can share every post of the theme on social media sites easily.
RushMore is a good theme itself and seller is successfully selling it from the very first day but as there is always a room for improvement, we would like to do a critical analysis of the theme in terms of Design and usability, functionality, SEO, updates and support so the users will have a clearer idea of what they are going to purchase.

Design and Usability: (9.5/10)

Rushmore Theme Article Styles

Design of any WordPress theme is very important as a well-designed website may grow your business exponentially. Customers love great design and chances of them coming to your site increase as they love to navigate around. Similarly usability is also a very important factor, because if your site is not easily usable, visitor won’t hesitate to close it down without thinking. Therefore, a special attention to the design and usability of the theme should be given before making a purchase. RushMore theme is pretty good in terms of design and usability. Here are few thoughts:

Multiple available designs make it easy to choose a right one

Multiple Demo Theme Design

Unlike most of the other themes available in the market, this theme allows you to select design of your page yourself. For example, the landing page of your theme may have one, two or three columns of blog posts. The theme demo uses single column which looks very great in terms of design and usability.

Good design for mobile with few minor drawbacks

RushMore theme has a very beautiful and easy to use design for mobile phones as well. However, tap targets are small on phone which can be fixed in next releases. In terms of usability, it is good as it provides everything on page and user can access all content by just keep on scrolling.

Functionality: (7/10)

WordPress is famous for plugin play and doing things easily without any headache. Same is the case with WordPress themes as these make one’s life pretty easy if the theme is providing enough number of bug free features to deal with large data and making the site successful. However, if the theme is not providing enough number of support features, you may run into the problems as your site will grow. Therefore, you should always check scalability option available in the theme. You should also consider social media sharing support that if theme is providing it or not. Let’s have a look on RushMore theme in this regard.


Social Media sharing options

There is a good functionality in the theme that you can share every post easily by social media share options associated with it. Just click on the share button, select social media platform and you are good to go!

Limited set of support features

Since RushMore theme is in its initial stage of release, it has a very limited set of functionality options. Social Media promotion options are limited and it is not supporting most of the plugins as well. The team should add more support features in the theme to make it a powerful tool. Also, this will help the bloggers to make their content viral in no time.

Although there are limited set of support features in the theme but I hope these will increase in next releases as the theme is in it’s very initial stage and It’s developers are working on it to make it better in the next releases.


Search Engine Optimization, Speed and code infrastructure (5/10)

SEO and speed are very important factors in terms of success of a website. If users are unable to reach your site because of bad SEO or they are leaving it because it never opens in time, there is no point of having a website. SEO and speed in terms of wordpress would obviously depend on the SEO and speed of the theme. These factors must be considered by the users before making a theme purchase. Also, you should try your best to make these factors even better by using relevant plugins. Let’s have a look on RushMore theme in terms of SEO, speed and code infrastructure. The theme is lagging behind in this regard:

Pindoom Page Speed Analytics for Rushmore Blog Theme

Rich snippets and compatible with SEO plugins

RushMore theme is not Search engine optimized itself rather it requires an SEO plugin for search engine optimization. This means that without a plugin, your SEO is not going to work. However, it is fully compatible to SEO plugins and works great with them. Yoast SEO plugin is recommended to use with this theme. In addition to that, theme resources are not blocked by robots.txt and Google bot has access to all resources which will help in excellent indexing and perfect SEO. Moreover, the theme has rich snippets which can be checked from Google rich snippet tool as shown in the photo.

Bad response time

Google PageSpeed Insights Rushmore Theme Results

The theme has a very high server response time which may make it slow on most of the websites and usually mobile phones. HD images might be a reason for slow response. Image optimization plugins should be used to deal with this issue. Mobile version should be given more importance in terms of speed as more and more people are moving towards mobile phones these days. Here is the Google’s official documentations including reducing the server response time.

Render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in the above-fold content

There is render-blocking JS and CSS in the above fold content which developers should fix in the very next release.

Browser Caching is not enabled

Browser caching is not enabled properly which is making the theme slow. Developers should add code to enable caching. Users should use caching plugins to make their sites work faster.

CSS is not minimized and JavaScript is not minified

Developers should work more on CSS and JS to make speed better. Users should use W3 Total Cache plugin to minimize CSS and minify JavaScript. You can install ‘Better WordPress Minify‘ plugin to do that.

The theme is a very good and beautiful theme in terms of design and everything. Resolving these issues will make it a perfect theme for all bloggers out there. Let’s hope for something better in the future.

 Updates & Support and Documentation: (9/10)

Updates, support and documentation is last but not least factor when we analyze some theme. These things keep a theme alive as developers keep on working on them and make them better. Before you make a purchase for a theme, make sure that it is updated and enough support is available with it. RushMore is a well-documented theme and explains all usage steps in details. The development team is also very supportive and they reply they reply to all the queries being made on the seller website. The team is also making updates on a regular basis and trying to resolve the theme issues.

General Pros and Cons of the RushMore Theme


  • Beautifully designed according to the modern aesthetics.
  • Multiple layout options available. Single column, double column, and triple columns blogs can be setup easily.
  • Powerful Social media sharing options available on each post.
  • Good integration with SEO plugins.
  • Good support available by the development team.


  • Tap targets are small on mobiles and works slow on mobile devices as well.
  • Browser caching is not enabled in the theme by the developers.
  • Functionality options are limited.
  • Response time is not as good as other themes available in the market.



  1. Dennis E. Garcia

    As per my personal experience, Rushmore is good for those who are looking for a perfect design and they can compromise on website speed and SEO a little bit. The theme is beautiful in terms of design and aesthetics but slow in terms of page speed and not so good in terms of search engine optimization. The team can make this theme a perfect one very easily by working on these grounds.

  2. Sarah R. Berry

    Rushmore is a new theme and it should have been updated regularly but I haven’t seen any update from the team in last few months. The theme is a beautiful one and good in design but it needs to be improved to make it a perfect one. For instance, Rushmore didn’t even have an option to show blog posts of a certain category when I used it last time. Also, there are speed and SEO problems as discussed by Adil in the Review. Fixing these issues can boost up sales again. Good luck for that.

    A really good thing about wptinylabs (theme developers) is that their customer support is good and up to the mark. they are available and respond within 24 hours in case of any query. Hats off to this nice Job.


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