Vlog Video Blog Theme for Wordpress

Vlog is a well-crafted video blog theme to have if your website is concentrated around videography i.e. video-blogging, video tutorials, personal blogging site or a complex magazine site. The theme is flexible and customizable. It has carefully designed multiple header options that can make each website stand out from the other. It is fully responsive with content scaling down seamlessly on all types of devices. Fonts and colors can be easily changed according to the logo providing full support to branding. Vlog has built-in performance options ensuring fast loading and smooth running of the website.

Vlog Video Blog Theme for WordPress

The theme is efficient if your website revolves around videos majorly. Since there is always room for improvement, Vlog’s insights are listed below:

Design and Usability: (7/10)

Well Video Layout Design Vlog Theme

According to a recent survey, good design of a website may increase your site visitors by 18% while with a bad design, you may eventually lose all of your customers. Usability is even more important in this regard. If users will find difficulty navigating around your site, they may leave it without thinking for the second time. Therefore, if you want to keep your audience engaged, you must take care of design and usability of your site. Let’s have a look at design and usability of vlog theme:

Clean Layout With Multiple Options

Clean Layout Multiple Combination on Vlog Theme

It has clean layouts and sophisticated options for displaying with four pagination types and more than 200 posts layout combinations to showcase videos and articles with smart and flexible image sizes, unlimited sidebars including Sticky sidebar. Vlog has various Post formats such as Video, Audio, Image and Gallery Post formats. Facebook updates, Tweets, Instagrams, SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. can easily be embedded. There is an option of Watch later and cinema mode for video posts.

Advanced Admin Panel

Vlog is extremely easy to use and with advanced theme options panel anyone can set up a site without prior coding knowledge. Complex elements such as separators, buttons, pull quotes, progress bars, social icons, tabs, toggles and accordions can be added easily with a dozen of flexible shortcodes.


Functionality: (7.5/10)

WordPress is a platform which is renowned for module play and doing things effortlessly with no cerebral pain. Same is the situation with WordPress topics as these make one’s life really simple if the topic is sufficiently giving a number of bug-free components to manage extensive information and making the site effective. Notwithstanding, if the topic is not sufficiently giving number of bolster elements, you may keep running into the issues as your site will develop. Therefore, you should always check scalability option available in the theme.

You should also consider social media sharing support that if the theme is providing it or not. Through the lens of functionality, theme has following critical analysis:

Compatible with all Video Giants

It is completely compatible with all the video giants like YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, etc. and supports multiple plugins e.g. Video Importer (video from any website can be imported), Social Sharing (sharing options on multiple social media platforms), Entry Views WordPress plugin (count views for each post) and Series (group videos and articles into playlists). Vlog has Right-To-Left oriented reading and built-in translation option making the website suitable for all types of languages.

Plugin Compatibility Issues

Plugin compatibility, on the other hand, is not that good. Vlog is not fully compatible with known plugins like BuddyPress, Woo Commerce and caching plugins such as W3 Total Cache, etc. this is the biggest anchor to the theme. If it lacks a feature it must be buffered to the level that it can compensate it by providing plugin compatibility.

Live Stream Functionality

Vlog also has limitations for Live Stream functionality as there are no ‘on air/live’ icon for the site viewers to know which streams are live without having to kick through a video.

Youtube Import Videos
You can easily import videos from youtube with Google Youtube API and the plugin. You can get video from playlist and also user’s feed.

Builtin Translation Options

Multi Paginated Blog Posts

Sticky Sidebars


Search Engine Optimization, Speed and code infrastructure: (8/10)

SEO and speed are very important factors in terms of the success of a website. If users are unable to reach your site because of bad SEO or they are leaving it because it never opens in time, there is no point of having a website. SEO and speed in terms of WordPress would obviously depend on the SEO and speed of the theme. These factors must be considered by the users before making a theme purchase.

Optimized For Speed - Pingdom Test

Also, you should try your best to make these factors even better by using relevant plugins. Let’s have a look on vlog theme in this regard:

SEO Compatibility

The Vlog Blog Theme is not SEO optimized however it supports SEO plugins. For this purpose user should install the most recommended and efficiently compatible plugin with Vlog. The Robot.txt file exists and does not block resources providing Googlebot access to index site and optimize with respect to the search engine.

Code Snippets

The theme owns rich snippets as witnessed by Google rich snippet tool as show in the figure. It provides Google and other Search Engines explicit information about the theme.

Image Optimization

Properly formatting and compressing images can save many bytes of data and hence reduce loading time. Developers should use image optimization plugin in this regard.

JavaScript not Minified

JavaScript is not minified. Compacting JavaScript code will make the theme lighter and in turn will increase its downloading, parsing, and execution time.


Updates & Support and Documentation: (9/10)

Support and Documentation

One-click updates are available when linked with the Envato official API. This gives notification of theme updates on the admin dashboard. Customer support is brilliant for Vlog. There is ticket generation for all queries and a dedicated developer available who can help with customization. Extensive documentation provides ease in setting up the theme. It also provides Custom Widgets alongside the standard WordPress widgets which can extend the site’s functionality even further.

General Merits and Demerits of Vlog Blog Theme

Overall review of the theme could be summed up in following pros and cons list:

Pros of the theme:

  • Beautifully designed with many options of Layouts, Posts and pagination
  • Watch later option making it save and retrieve whenever you want
  • Monetization via ads features lets user to earn via advertisement.
  • Supports all languages and built-in language translator
  • Excellent customer support and well-documented

Cons of the theme

  • Limited plugin compatibility
  • Customization requires serious coding


The Vlog blog theme as a whole is better than its competitors. It has various design options, amazing customer support and has been designed with the customer in mind by considering ease of use and monetization of website. The vlog theme is optimized for speed and development team gave special attention to video handling i.e. watch later and cinema mode, playlist option and flexible customization. Except for some issue the theme can be used for every website and the lags could be fulfilled by plugins till the team works to provide those features on its own.


Vlog - Video Blog / Magazine WordPress Theme

Vlog - Video Blog / Magazine WordPress Theme

Design & Usability






        Updates & Support



          • UI & UX
          • Watch Later Feature
          • Monetization via Ads Features
          • Built-in Language Translator
          • Excellent Customer Support


          • Limited Plugin Compatibility


          1. Dennis E. Garcia

            Design & Usability






            Updates & Support


            I found Vlog as something which is equally useful for dumbs as well as nerds. The theme is compatible with all major video sites and site can be managed easily with advanced backend admin panel. However, there are few plugin compatibility issues which the team has promised to fix in the next releases. (Let’s hope for the best 🙂 )
            The theme can also be customized according to your needs but it requires serious coding. Good sign for expert developers and not so good design for those who hate coding just like me. :’)

          2. Sarah R. Berry

            Design & Usability






            Updates & Support


            I have had the chance to use Vlog theme for a makeup tutorial website. The different varieties available for post layouts and watch later functionality wooed me instantly. It is a beautiful theme that can be used easily. The advanced admin panel helped me in adding complex elements without any coding which, in my opinion, a job done well by the developer team. But I would like to suggest that the team made Vlog compatible with an ecommerce plugin. Hats off to the team for their good work!

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