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Voice Version 2 WordPress Theme

Voice is responsive WordPress blog theme primarily for news, magazines and editorial websites. The features accompanying voice are WooCommerce integration, bbPress, and a variety of fonts. The theme is easily customizable providing responsive design, legible typography, and efficient user experience. Voice has advanced theme panel assisting users in best possible way. It is empowered with built-in performance option giving its users complete update of website performance. The theme has a variety of header layouts making the persona editable from simple to classic or complex with ads and banners. With seven different layouts for post listing and three layouts for featured posts, voice proves to be a theme which serves all the purpose. It has a smart post listing modules with filter option. Smart categories, custom widgets, sticky sidebars, paginated posts and variety of pagination types are some of the major features of the theme. The theme comes with three distinct variety of overall layouts i.e. default, minimal and bold.

Though Voice is a fully powered theme with maximum possible features for all purpose but there is always room for improvement. The critical analysis of theme with the perspective of design & usability, functionality, SEO, Update and Support will give a clear picture to the buyers of the theme.

Aesthetics, Design & Usability: (9.5/10)

It is almost an understood fact that a good design is very crucial for the success of a site. It keeps people engaged and looks very attractive to them. Customers love great design and chances of them coming to your site increase as they love to navigate around. Similarly, usability is also a very important factor, because if your site is not easily usable, the visitor won’t hesitate to close it down without thinking. Therefore, a special attention to the design and usability of the theme should be given before making a purchase. Voice is a clean newspaper and blog theme for WordPress. When it comes to design aesthetics of the theme following are the reviews:


Header Layout and Post Listing Combinations

Header Layouts and Options for Voice WordPress Theme

The Blog Theme comes with a variety of header layouts form simply to complex and provide 150+ post listing combinations. It provides heavy variety to configure and display the posts. Some users have minor concerns regarding the display of header above the menu which development team has added in the future list.

Responsive Layout

Responsive Design WordPress Theme Voice

Voice comes with a nice layout which is effective for all device sizes. However, small tap targets anchors the User Experience rating a Google Page Speed.

Sidebar Name Customization

Unlimited Sticky Sidebar for Voice WordPress Theme

Voice has a limitation in this regard. Currently, it does not support sidebar title customization. An individual plugin can compensate for the time being.

Ads are incorporated in widgets

Built in Banner System Voice Wordpres Theme

Currently, ads are incorporated in widgets and team is looking forward to creating blank space for ads.

Category Display Customization

Smart Categories The Voice WordPress Theme

The theme has a limit to category display customization in widgets currently. Users cannot limit the categories to specific count.

Functionality: (9/10)

Advanced Theme Options Voice WordPress Theme

Advanced Options for Listings in The Voice WordPress Theme

Paginated Post in Voice Theme


The functionality of any theme is a very important factor as it helps site admin to manage their site efficiently as it grows in size. It also allows end users to enjoy the site completely with many different available features. As these functionality features are very important, one should always check them before making a purchase. When it comes to functionality, Voice’s has powerful functions. The critical analysis is below:

Features: Theme is empowered with a great many features possible for every website. It also provides RTL support thus minimizing the language barriers. It makes Voice an open ticket for all kind of websites. It has built-in theme translator. Built-in Banner ads system, pagination types, and custom widgets make theme fully customizable at all stages with almost no issue faced by the users.

Social Media Sharing Options: Voice has great social sharing options via bbPress as it is empowered with powerful community and social network website. It lets to share content on all the social media platforms that are active with a simple click and share.

SEO, Speed and Code Infrastructure: (8/10)

Speed Performance for the Voice Theme

SEO and speed are very important factors in terms of success of a website. If users are unable to reach your site because of bad SEO or they are leaving it because it never opens in time, there is no point of having a website. SEO and speed in terms of wordpress would obviously depend on the SEO and speed of the theme. These factors must be considered by the users before making a theme purchase. Also, you should try your best to make these factors even better by using relevant plugins. Let’s have a look on Voice theme with respect to SEO, speed and code infrastructure. The theme is lagging behind in this regard:

Google Rich Snippets Testing For The Voice WordPress Theme

Rich snippets and compatible with SEO plugins

Voice is not Search Engine Optimized however it supports SEO plugins primarily for Yoast. It is completely compatible with the plugins and development team has fixed the problem with Yoast compatibility. Theme resources are not blocked by robots.txt hence providing Google bot access providing great assistance to indexing and SEO. The theme owns rich snippets as witnessed by Google rich snippet tool as shown the figure:

Google PageSpeed Test for the voice wordpres theme

Browser caching not enabled: The theme load time is very high giving the website biggest lag. Page speed score C grade at GTmetrix and server response time is high at Google Page Speed insights. Steps like browser cache leverage and image optimization should be adopted by the development team so it will decrease the response time making the theme more efficient.

Render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in the above-fold content: There is render-blocking JS and CSS in the above fold content which developers should fix in the very next release.

G-zip Compression, CSS and JavaScript: CSS and JavaScript are minified that gives an additional point to theme. Files are compressed that improves the theme load time.

The theme is highly professional, light and has great user experience will powerhouse of features. The minor limitations could be compensated in any possible way.

Documentation & Support: (9.5/10)

Documentation and Support for Voice Theme

Voice gets a competitive advantage when it comes to documentation and support. The development team has released version 2.0 of the theme with an appropriate changelog. It shows the dedication of the team in order to deliver the best to its customers.

The support team is efficient providing a swift and satisfying response to the users in every possible way. The team is optimistic in making a good to-do-list where updates are in the pipeline fulfilling the possible demands of the valued customers.

The documentation of the theme is great with efficient organization of every feature. It also assists via figures making it convenient for every user to integrate it as they want.

Generic Pros and Cons of the Voice Blog Theme


  • Clean, simple and professionally designed with a primary focus on magazine and editorial website.
  • The variety of layout options is available i.e. default, minimal & bold.
  • Excellent and neat social media sharing options are available on each post.
  • Efficient SEO plugin integration.
  • Good support provided by the development team.
  • Very well-documented.


  • The user experience on mobile is not better then desktop.

Voice - Clean WordPress Theme

Voice - Clean WordPress Theme

Design & Usability






        Updates & Support



          • Clean and Simple Design
          • UI & UX
          • Social Media Sharing Options
          • Very Well Documented
          • Nice Support


          • Mobile UX


          1. Dennis E. Garcia

            Design & Usability






            Updates & Support


            Voice is one of the perfect WordPress themes I’ve ever seen. Perfect and Modern design, clean and well-written code, 30% faster in new release and good support and updates system. Perfect for news magazines and highly recommended. Now in the next releases, the team should work on the mobile version and make it even better. This will make the theme a leading news magazine theme in the market.

          2. Sarah R. Berry

            Design & Usability






            Updates & Support


            Got the opportunity to work on this theme and I really liked the minimal yet professional look. The functionalities of Voice are perfect with easy customization option. The best thing about this theme is its support theme. I was having a minor issue which i resolved with the support theme response and guidance feature. The documentation of the theme is also quite elaborate but the part that it is not search engine optimized needs to be fixed. Overall, really nice work done by the team.

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